Ultimate Crystal Heart Healing Set plus Gifts Rose Quartz Heart Rubellite Heart


This Ultimate Crystal Heart Healing Set is for you if you need healing from matters of the heart.

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This Ultimate Crystal Heart Healing Set is for you if you need healing from matters of the heart. It includes one Rose Quartz Heart approximately 1.4-1.75”, one Rubellite with Quartz Heart approximately 1.25-1.5”, one Prehnite with Epidote tumble approximately 1.5” and one Clear Quartz Cube approximately .75”. Keep on your bedside table for deep healing while you sleep or in any room you’re in for on-going healing. Includes a bamboo tray as a free gift to easily move from room to room. You will also receive a pouch in case you want to carry them with you for on-the-go healing.  The picture shows a representation of what will be intuitively selected for you. Color variances, nicks, imperfections and cracks are the nature of genuine gemstones and crystals.

Rose Quartz is the mother of all love stones that helps to heal the heart and prompts unconditional, selfless love for self and others. The energy is nurturing, helping to heal emotional trauma and grief. It strengthens bonds with loved ones and aids in reopening your heart to call in love. Rose Quartz balances the Heart Chakra.

Rubellite, also known as Red Tourmaline, helps support one with grief and depression helping to transform the energy into reigniting your passions. It provides courage and inspiration that helps you bring those passions into your daily life. Helping you to heal your heart, it opens you up to receiving love. Rubellite is connected to the Root and Heart Chakras. These hearts have Quartz inclusions, description below.

The heart shape represents divine love, emanating kindness, care and understanding. Tip: use museum putty to have the heart stand up

Prehnite with Epidote is a must have for healers as it holds you while you hold others, Prehnite is known as “the healer’s healer”. It enhances intuition and helps uncover the causes of phobias and deep fears to alleviate them. Epidote is an attraction stone increasing whatever it touches and magnifies what you create. It removes obstacles to success and enhances emotional and spiritual growth. Prehnite with Epidote heals and activates the Heart Chakra.

Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of any stone it is next to. It promotes mental clarity and enhances intuition. Because of it’s high vibration, it’s the only crystal that can be programmed to provide the energy of any other crystal. If you’re missing a specific crystal for a grid or ritual, grab a clear quartz as a substitute! Clear Quartz can be used to connect to any Chakra.

The Cube, also known as the Hexahedron, represents the Root Chakra and is connected to the Earth element. It’s stabilizing and reminds you of the importance of having your physical body connected to nature.

May this Ultimate Crystal Heart Healing Set heal your heart.