Ruby Zoisite Generator / Point, Rebirth, Growth, Abundance, Spiritual Connection P


Rediscover your passions with this Ruby Zoisite Generator. Complete set with drawstring pouch & a gift box.

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This includes the Ruby Zoisite Generator shown, about 3.40 x 1.00”, drawstring pouch & a gift box. Color variances, nicks, imperfections and cracks are the nature of genuine gemstones, crystals and minerals.

Ruby is a powerful heart healer helping to heal from grief and loss. Helps you to rediscover or find your passions while giving you the drive to pursue them. Green Zoisite encourages growth in all areas of life, assists w/ rebirth for those who’ve strayed off their path & helps those who’ve newly rediscovered their spirituality to get connected to their Higher Self / Source. Also transmutes negative energies & attracts appreciation & abundance. Connects to the Root, Heart, Third Eye & Crown Chakras.

Generators send energies up and out, raising vibrations and keeping them high. Low vibrations can’t sustain in a high vibe space.

Hold during meditation or place on your Root, Heart, 3rd Eye or Crown Chakra to balance it. You’ll also benefit from the energy just by just having her in your space.