Green Aventurine Sphere w/ Green Aventurine Stand, Abundance, Luck, Growth


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Green Aventurine helps to manifest abundance and luck in all areas of life – financial, love, work, etc… It removes negative energy so that you can overcome any obstacles blocking you from reaching your full potential. Promotes vitality & it’s strong connection to Earth which also makes it a perfect companion to any plant in need of growth. Green Aventurine is connected to the Heart Chakra.

The sphere is said to be the universal body and the point of creation, it’s the only crystal shape that sends energy evenly in all directions

Hold during meditation, while doing mudras, or place on your Heart to balance that Chakra.

This includes the Green Aventurine Sphere shown, approximately 0.90”, on a Green Aventurine Sphere Stand. It’s small but mighty and they’re so cute together. You’ll also receive the drawstring pouch & a gift box. Color variances, nicks, imperfections and cracks are the nature of genuine gemstones & crystals.