Flower Agate Heart/Palm Stone, Highest Potential, Positivity, Big Dreams, Stress Relief, G


Unleash Your Potential with this Flower Agate Heart- Stress Relief,  Big Dreams, Activate Chakras. Includes Gift Box & Pouch.

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This includes the Flower Agate Heart shown, approximately 1.70 x 1.50 x 0.90”, drawstring pouch & a gift box. Color variances, nicks, imperfections and cracks are the nature of genuine gemstones, crystals and minerals. This beautiful piece has natural, unpolished caves. Please note that the pictures show reflections of the background.

Flower Agate protects against fears, including self-doubt, to help you reach your highest potential. It’s stress relieving and is a great companion for one going through change. It radiates positivity inspiring you to reach for your highest dreams and to live life to the fullest. Flower Agate activates the Root & Heart Chakras.

The heart shape represents divine love, emanating kindness, care and understanding.

Hold while meditating or place on your Root or Heart to activate that Chakra. You’ll also benefit from the energy just by having this beauty in your space.

May this help you to manifest your biggest dreams.