Citrine Sphere, Prosperity, Abundance, Success, Clarity, Optimism, Confidence


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This includes the gorgeous Citrine Sphere shown, approximately 2”. It has a rainbow as seen in some of the pics, please note that the pics also show reflections of the background. Color variances, nicks, imperfections and cracks are the nature of genuine gemstones, crystals and minerals.

Citrine brings enlightenment, optimism, success, clarity, aids in self-healing, increases energy & drive, activates imagination, increases self confidence, helps in the manifestation of prosperity & abundance, provides protection & creativity, relieves upset stomach & indigestion, enhances the Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras.

Keep on your bedside table to connect with your subconscious while dreaming, on your work desk when in hopes of a promotion or more sales, your altar for manifestation, or any room you spend time in to benefit from the energies.

The sphere is said to be the universal body and the point of creation, it’s the only crystal shape that sends energy evenly in all directions.